Device Bondage is priceless.' />

20 Year Old Portuguese Girl, Bound And Zippered

latina device bondage 2

So what do you do to a 20 year old girl during one of her first hardcore Device Bondage experience? A zipper of course. Leah’s hot sexy body is put in stocks and her legs are spread out with a chain. We run a crotch chain up her cunt and start adding the clothespins. Then without much fanfare we simply rip them all off her body with one brutal pull. What happens next is priceless.

Leah is 20 years old, of Portuguese descent, and cuter then a kitten. Oh yeah, she is also 100% lesbian. So what is it about BDSM that drives a lesbian into the clutches of a man? Is it the being helpless part? We really don’t know and we really don’t care. We are just happy to take a lesbian, bind her, and make her beg for orgasms. Make her beg for fingers to help her come harder. Make her beg for a man to make her cum. This was the first time a man has ever made her cum, and I don’t think it will be the last.

latina device bondage 3

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